The one with The First Retail store.

17 December 2014
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The one with The First Retail store.

I got a great news today. The Shadow Heart got into the first retail store.

The concept and appearance of The Shadow Heart is positioned in between Art and Design. So I believe people visit an Art museum would appreciate the concept of the Shadow Heart more. Hence the first retail store carries the Shadow Heart is the museum store at

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

And I got awesome message from the director at the MMoCA museum store.

Hi Hiro,
The package came today, thank you for sending it so quickly.  They look great and we will be featuring your jewelry in our Museum newsletter!!! It will be ready at the end of January and I will send you a copy. Thank you! The packaging looks great too. You did a good job. I hope to give you a reorder soon.Happy Holidays.
Leslie Genszler
Director of Retail Operations
Madison Museum
 of Contemporary Art
227 State Street
Madison, WI.  53703
Her email made my day, I will not forget this.
Designer @ OBJECTOUS

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18 February 2016 at 02:37 PM
Marissa L Staffin

This beautiful, unique, and universal necklace brilliantly symbolizes the true meaning of love. It is a one of a kind necklace that not only does an exquisite job of creating a magical image and representation of love, but also shares and enlightens all who see it. My significant other loved it beyond words, and I have never been more proud or touched to give such a gift to anyone. Hiro has done a wonderful job not only in creating a piece of art that will truly stay in our hearts forever (for I know I will always remember this necklace and the story behind it for as long as I shall live), but for also making such an impact on all who see it. Thank you Hiro for your persistence and passion in having this designed and for your creativity, but also the honesty in making a necklace that can give us such hope and positivity in love, but in the grand scheme of things, ever so much more.

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