Shadow Heart®

$ 89.00


Shadow Heart is innovative silver necklace that elegantly casts a silhouette of the heart symbol. It is a special gift, especially for the one you love or for yourself. There is no greater force than love, and the Shadow Heart speaks to this love in a charming way. Love is invisible, but felt even in the absence of another's embrace. It's an eternal link, binding two hearts. Unseen, but ever present.

  • Crafted in 925 Sterling silver
  • Length : 18 or 20 inch (Adjustable)
  • Comes with Aluminum case
  • Patented

Shadow heart

Facing the sun on a sunny day, between the hours of 11am and 2pm, will create the perfect heart silhouette. It can also be seen when standing under a bright light. The Shadow heart makes a better representation of love. It is present and felt, but not always seen.
Shadow Heart and OBJECTOUS are registered trademarks of Objectous, LLC.


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